Vero Software has long been synonymous with "Service". This is one of the reasons why most of our new business comes from customer recommendation.
Vero Software’s service encompasses implementation project management, technical support, training and consultancy. Our sales and support teams are experts from your industry who not only know our software inside out, but also fully understand your day-to-day activity. To benefit from our technical support, customers must subscribe to a WorkPLAN Solutions' annual maintenance plan.
WorkPLAN Support

Technical Support

With our annual maintenance contract your business stays running smoothly... Our WorkPLAN telephone hotline and online support are available during usual local business hours, and, if necessary, our experts will visit you on site to provide hands-on help with any problems you may encounter.

WorkPLAN Maintenance

Maintenance Plans

Your investment in a WorkPLAN Solution has brought transparency, control and efficiency to your business, our Maintenance Plan will bring you even greater gains. We understand your business and will work with you for the long term.

WorkPLAN Consultancy

Implementation & Consultancy

If you are looking for means of continuing to improve your productivity and competitiveness, Vero can provide the advice and expertise you need. All engineers are highly qualified and experienced in their particular domain.

WorkPLAN Training


Although our software is developed for ease of use, research and our experience has shown that without formal training users rarely use software to its fullest potential. Vero offers a wide range of training options - inter or intra company, at our premises or on site – to suit your preferences.