WorkPLAN Consultancy


Vero has a proven, reliable framework for implementation of its software solutions, including the migration of existing data and seamless integration with existing software.
Experienced project managers work with customers to agree on the implementation steps. We usually recommend 4 steps analyzing and modeling of the application to customers’ requirements, validation of the workflow and the process, production launch and massive training, assistance and support on site during the first week of intensive use by the end users. Our consultants make sure that the system is up and running on time, on budget and with minimal disruption to your on-going business.
Implementation times are typically a few days or weeks rather than the many months required by non-specialist vendor systems. Basic tasks can be managed in a WorkPLAN Solutions from Day One.


New technology, best business practices, project management:
Vero has the expertise to help you ensure your business stays sharp. If you are looking for means of continuing to improve your productivity and competitiveness, Vero can provide the advice and expertise you need.
Our advisors are at customers' disposal to assist in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and efficient job management.
All Vero advisors are highly qualified and experienced in their particular domain, be it business process optimization, project management, best manufacturing or business practice,... etc.
To ensure efficient and speedy implementation of any specific new projects you may have, we can also provide on-site support.
If you are looking for means of improving your productivity and competitiveness do not hesitate to discuss your ambitions with Vero Software.
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