WorkPLAN’s First Customer Seminar Launches 2016 R1

More than 40 items of new and enhanced functionality in the latest release of WorkPLAN were unveiled to customers at the brand’s first-ever user seminar.

Sales Manager Christophe Mas says: “Users of Vero Software’s ERP project management solution saw how it improves profitability, respects lead times, guarantees total traceability, reduces bottlenecks, controls documentation and issues performance reports.”

The main highlights in WorkPLAN 2016 R1 are interfacing with other Vero solutions, in particular with VISI for designing and producing moulds and tooling equipment; and with the laser cutting aspect of Radan, Vero’s sheet metal CAD/CAM solution. “WorkPLAN has close ties with the CAD/CAM industry, and is a perfect turnkey solution for the design, tooling, laser cutting and custom manufacturing sectors,” he says.

A native link has been developed between WorkPLAN and VISI to simplify the automatic import of technical data and bills of material from VISI:
•    Single click data synchronisation using the “WorkPLAN” button in VISI’s Assembly Manager
•    Complete technical breakdowns with multiple levels (assemblies and sub-assemblies) can be imported
•    Standard elements can be regrouped from bills of materials
•    Simplified purchasing process.

A new interface means that a few mouse clicks guarantee precise and reliable data transfer between Radan and WorkPLAN:
•    Exchange of job registers and stock consultation
•    Automatic component creation, originating either from Radan or WorkPLAN
•    Management and control of off-cuts, with  traceability support
•    Nesting display directly in WorkPLAN for each new production job
•    Direct validation of time and material costs
•    Detailed analysis at job or line level.

Other enhancements to WorkPLAN 2016 R1 include the Workflow Module, which allows users to define and control a task accomplishment process with diverse validation and decision phases.

“A specific, compulsory character can be assigned to certain fields in order to move on to the next phase,” says Christophe Mas. “Workflows are fully customisable to predetermined requirements, such as defining an unlimited number of workflows for each object, including purchase orders, and acknowledging receipts and quotes.”

The CRM module has been completely revised, and now includes new features dedicated to managing sales activities, such as a timeline view, a notes summary and synchronisation with Outlook’s messaging service. Provisional budgets can be created for each salesperson or for sector of activity and production type. The system also follows their progression to order confirmation or invoicing.
With mobility being a key feature in the latest release, stock movement can be managed on the move, thanks to the new interface running on a tablet PC. Christophe Mas says this provides real time information exchange between stock controllers and supply and purchasing departments. “It also gives access to stock inventories, component sheets and any associated files.”

In summary, this major new version makes WorkPLAN even more flexible throughout the entire project management process from quotations through to quality control, taking in design, manufacturing, technical data management, supplies, planning and time management.

More than 25 customers attended the launch at WorkPLAN’s first-ever customer seminar since the software came on the market in 1993, taking part in workshops hosted by Support Manager Iulian Sirbu, Development Manager Jean Yves Nimmegeers, and ERP Process Engineer Franck Mamecier, who answered questions and resolved specific issues.


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