WorkPLAN Training


Although our software is developed for ease of use, research and our experience has shown that without formal training users never use any software to its fullest potential.
Vero Software firmly believes that customers should reap the full benefits of their investment in software solutions and that high quality training is vital.
Vero Software therefore offers a wide range of training options - inter or intra company, at our premises or on site – to suit your preferences.


Training is an investment rather than a cost and it will save you money - How?

  • By reducing time spent trying to get to grip on new functions
  • By ensuring you use the software in the quickest, most efficient way possible
  • By limiting the risk of errors
  • By building your employees' know-how and skills base
  • By reducing your processing and lead times
  • By increasing your competitive advantage  
Contact us for details of training courses and local training providers.